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It’s time to check into the Guide

First off thank you for booking me, this form art is a job not taken lightly. 

I’m so excited to take your pictures, and I wanted to share what to expect from the day of your shoot all the way to delivery.  I want you to have best experience. This is luxury photography and you deserve the best. 

Planning stage:

Questions to ask your self:

How are you going to do your hair and makeup? Would you like someone to do your hair/makeup? what are you going to wear? How many outfits do I need?  Would you like to rent some outfits? … lots to think about it! 


To start-

Your session is a big deal, so preparing for this is key.  Here are some pointers:

Skin prep is always a great way gain confidence. Visit Taylor Crego at M2 esthetics to get the glowy look!

If you are looking for a way to get that bronzy look vista Megan at la Beaut Market 

Now lets talk makeup and hair. Here are a list of vendors I suggest to use:


Salt and light hair co - Hair and makeup 


Pretty in pink Courtney (find her on insta!) - makeup


Haute dry - hair and makeup


Keep makeup light and bright. Highlighter is a must, and brows filled and full. Fake lashes are always nice, but not needed.


I always say go with a beach wave or simple curls. Here are some examples:

Maybe ad a braid. Make sure you feel yourself!


I would suggest staying away from fusia, royal blue, and deep purples. They sometimes don’t compliment the skin well.

Try softer tones! Here are some examples:


The 45 minute package has time only for one outfit, two maybe possible but many feel rushed. Really depends the location and how timing is.

1.5 session can fit two outfits and possibly a third depending on second location drive time

If we have not discussed it yet.

Here are some location ideas:

South beach-

Sebastian field-* horses can be trailered here

The pier- (located vero)

Ft pierce inlet-

Your private location at your residence. 


****please note your session time includes driving to the second location 

Screen Shot 2023-08-26 at 2.40.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-26 at 2.50.28 PM.png

Delivery of gallery:

Each session is very different. Some sessions have 200 images others may have 600 depending on length and your comfortability during the shoot.


My average wait time is normally 2-4 weeks 


If you would like your gallery password protected please let me know and we can create an owner and guest logins.

Additional costs and policies

No shows are required to pay for the session in full. Please let me know at least 24 hours in advance if you may need to cancel. I understand if some is sick or injured prior to the session. 


If you would like your session to be completely private, meaning the photographer does not post, blog, display or print for their use, and additional fee of $1,500 is required.


Raw images. A very large part of what I do is editing your pictures. If you would like the RAW images, prices start at $3,000 and go up depending on amount of pictures and session size. 


I am not responsible for the quality of printed images. If you would like to to ensure the highest quality please ask me and I can send you the best printing companies/websites to order or order it for you. Please order large prints for example canvas, glass, or paper prints through me to ensure best image quality. 


Re-edit if images is $600+ depending on size of session. Keep in mind this is art, and when booking, both parties are in agreement of the photographers style and abilities. 

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