45 minutes



1 hour 



4 hours


video extra: $200


8 hours


video extra: $400


1.5 hours 



2 hours



6 hours


video extra: $300


10 hours


video extra: $500




Where are you located?

         Vero Beach, FL

Does that mean you only shoot in your hometown?

         Of course not! I travel where ever you are located, many of our session are all over Florida, and even out of state.

What if I have acne, and would like it not to show in the photos?

        We can fix that! It's okay if your face isn't working with you that day. We can take out any zits, pimples, etc. 

How many outfits should I bring/ what should I bring?

        Your outfit depends on your style...As well as what package you choose, usually 2-4 outfits. Along in the same color bracket and if it's with a partner or a family shoot, something that all works together... Ladies bring extra make-up! Especially lipstick/gloss. 

What equipment do you use?

       Canon 5D Mark iii, as well as multiple different lenses. A few are a canon 70-200 mm/2.8f and a sigma 50/1.4mm. Our editing tools include Lightroom and Photoshop, and for videography I use Final Cut Pro.

What are your available packages? and how many photos will i receive?

       My main session are usually two hours, with a two a session you should expect to see more than 50 photos. Along with the two hour session is 3/4 outfit changes, as well as my deluxe gift package (a $30 value for free). Or if you want to do something smaller I do hour session, and you should expect 25 or more photos. 1/2 outfits and a smaller gift package (a $20 value for free).  Each session does not include travel. Additional packages include acne removal as well as senior videos.

What about the weather?? what if it rains?

        We can always reschedule! And I would be happy to find another day for you!

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