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Lachnitt Family

Married for over 26 years, Shaunna and Carl, have much to be proud of. As spiritual minded people, they always put others before them in their day to day lives. They are also family friends of ours, so I really wanted to express to others their loving family unit. Shaunna and Carl take pride in their only child, Calvin, who enjoys biking, working out, and spending time out on the water with his dad, Carl. Carl has built a successful construction business here in Vero Beach, and is fond of diving, and spending time with his wife. Shaunna is an accomplished volunteer; spending countless hours teaching others how to use their Bible. They truly are an amazing family!

\Shaunna's Testimonial:

"Thanks so much for being our photographer tonight! You guys made it painless and fun! And Thanks for being so patient with our crazy crew! 😘

We loved being with you!!

Micayla, they are amazing!! Now the hard part of trying to pick which ones!!!

Thank you so much- we Love them!!"


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