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I never planned on photography or designing as a career. Once I graduated high school I was on track to be an elementary school educator.  Long story shirt, didn’t work out. I was always good with computers, problem solving, and I always appreciated art.  That’s when I found the program for Graphic Design Technology at Indian River State College. My first semester I was placed in a photography class and simply was taking the course for an easy A and a diploma.  Well, my friend at the time was on a tight budget and asked me to take her engagement pictures, feeling a little un easy, but confident that I can do anything I put my mind to, I said yes....

That day changed a lot about me. With in two weeks I researched the best cameras, lenses, programs and anything that could put me in the category of professionalism.  I practiced, and practiced, until I felt comfortable to start charging for my work. Little by little I built up a clientele, a portfolio. and the equipment to produce what I have today.

While in school I started this business. Now I create one of a kind logos, graphic art, and timeless designs that help companies feel alive. I would love to discuss your goals for your one company, and start your rebranding journey.

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