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it's me, hi

im Micayla, that's me.

Your Creative Consultant.

In the years that followed, my projects and my work naturally helped me grow from photographer, to graphic designer, to project manager, to your creative director and consultant.

When I started my business, motivation really was the only thing I had. I wasn’t the best graphic designer yet, and I hadn’t learned all the tricks to this camera I was using to take my friend’s engagement pictures. But I was motivated to become the best, and I was confident I could do anything I put my mind to.

Starting The Dream

Becoming A Professional

And then, all the pieces came together. My portfolio grew, I focused on my strengths, I bought my equipment, I graduated from college, my network expanded overnight, and little by little I created Micayla Amelia Graphics + Photography.

Creating Something That Lasts.


In the two weeks after my first official job, I was obsessed. I put together lists of the best cameras and lenses, I researched the secrets to editing and posing and I went to my local college to enroll in the graphic design program with a minor in photography.

Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 6.39.19 PM.png

Like My Own Journey, I Believe That Your Creative Goals

Are Not Just Another Job With A Finish Line.

That’s why I like it, really. Creativity is a never ending desire to keep doing, to keep being, and to keep building. And that’s the type of passion and motivation I bring to my clients and their businesses.
I see your potential, I know that you can get the logo of your dreams, you can get those photos that look like they should be on the cover of vogue, and you can reach all of your creative goals, and of course beyond.


Because In The End,

This Business Is Me.

Really, you’re helping me out. My motivation needs an outlet.

It’s been with me as the older sibling of four, it’s supported my other passions, it’s moved out of home with me, it’s told me to work hard and be brave, it’s traveled the world with the love of my life with me, it’s cried with me, and it’s partied with me.

I finally realized that this business gave me what I gave to everyone else. 

Motivation to do, be, and create, live without fear, be bold, know your strengths, and always find an excuse to celebrate how far you’ve come.

Let’s get to work.
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