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The Visuals You’ve Always Dreamed Of Are Just Within Your Reach & It’s Going To Be Stunning

It starts with an idea, something you can picture so clearly in your head. It’s what you’ve always wanted but can’t quite explain. You see the colors, the background, the light, the faces, the way it’s just so incredibly and inexplicably YOU.  And when fellow dreamers have an idea they just can’t shake and want to see it come to life in their photos and brands - Micayla puts on her blue light glasses, grabs the closest lemon water and gets to work.  Together we’ll invent visuals to give you a timeless and stylish composition of your vision, one laughter-filled and determined strategy session at a time.

Imagery That’s Anything But Typical

Classic and editorial photography for family, equine, couples & graduates. Capturing moments-in-time turned memories for your loved ones and magazine-ready portraits for your instagram feed.

Graphics To Stop & Stare At

Branding That Attracts Your Target Market

Colors combinations that command attention and joy, bold or subtle website pages, and logos that invoke sophistication and respect. Your brand needs a variety of materials, carefully arranged to correctly represent you.


Micayla Amelia

My profile would say that I am a creative director, my business partners would say an entrepreneur, my students would say a teacher, my friends would say a giver and to be honest, my brothers would probably say an idiot.

I Compose What You Envision

Siri, Play “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift

I work as an extension of you. As your experienced creative consultant and director, I’ve spent enough hours to tell you exactly how to get what you're looking for.  Like your own idea-translator, we take your thoughts and bring it to the real world in something beautifully tangible and completely you.  If this sounds exciting, I think You Belong With Me. But really, Taylor Swift references aside, I do this for people exactly like you. Let’s get to work and create something special.

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